About Us

Good Measure is the culmination of years of 'we should do that' or 'that's good but would be better if...' conversations, these usually took place in some pub or other and it was in one of these hostelries that we decided to get over the bar room bravado and jump into the world of limited run, high quality clothing making the kind of things we like without compromise.

Our first piece is an old school sweatshirt, a 'simple' item maybe but one that is hard to get just right. With this and all future products we have set out to base production in the UK whenever possible, from manufacturing our own fabrics to construction,swing tags and labels etc. 

This is a small nod to the past history of the north west of England as the centre of the cotton industry and a decision that also offers us flexibility and the opportunity to build relationships with specialist factories.

Obviously there will be exceptions to the above, British grown cotton is pretty thin on the ground so the cotton required to make our fabrics would have to come from somewhere warmer than Lancashire and there will be occasions when the quality of a service or a product just isn't available to us here and in that case we will use the very best we can from Europe, the USA and Japan.

Our manufacturing, both the materials and construction is limited by what our mill and factory can produce, this adds an almost built in exclusivity and means we produce products on an 'as and when' basis and eschew the normal seasons.