Greater Goods x Good Measure 'Garden' 1L Nalgene Bottle


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With a combined passion for vintage hand illustrated outdoor tees we teamed up with Greater Goods for our second collaborative collection of T-shirts and Nalgene bottles. Greater Goods approached Oliver Macdonald Oulds to illustrate the collection who's works embodies the organic process of Greater Goods.

The Greater Goods x Good Measure 'Garden' 1L Nalgene Bottle in Grey is a unique, Limited Edition product featuring the artwork of Ollie Macdonald Oulds. Greater Goods founder Jaimus Tailor's ethos of "Nothing into Something" guides the company's sustainable creative collaborations and projects.

Nalgene bottles are widely known for their excellent quality, they are highly airtight which means they can be comfortably used as both beverage and food containers. They provide a great canvas for Ollie Macdonald Oulds artwork and make for a unique version of a simple water bottle.  

Beloved by backpackers and campers worldwide it's not hard to see why! Made from a safe and resin free bisphenol, this bottle is easy to wash and more hygienically friendly. 

"Ollie Macdonald Oulds’ art reflects the hum of everyday life. The artist uses his fluid style to elevate the rhythms of people going about their day to day, including creatives and musicians at work." - Creative Review.

Limited Edition