Good Measure M-20 Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt


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The final piece of the puzzle. The M-20 Heavyweight Hooded Sweatshirt in Ecru in the ranks of our core selection. 

Left natural, no dyeing process, just the same colour as the yarn it's knitted in. The result is a lovely 'off white' colour and without the need for dye we can do our little bit for the environment as well.

As standard these sweatshirts are entirely produced in England. The fabric is knitted at a small factory in the midlands before being constructed at another small, family run factory only 20 miles away. Good Measure pieces are truly the result of many years of expertise, skill and craftsmanship that still can be found in the UK. 

Here at Good Measure we call the M-20 and M-21 core line, the 'Shirley Crabtree' Collection. 

The technical stuff:

  • Made in England
  • Limited run
  • Heavyweight 480gsm loop back jersey 
  • 100% Cotton
  • Vintage US Sportswear inspired "'Reverse Weave "
  • Ribbed V neck insert
  • Traditional fit
  • Cover stitched seams
  • Bar tacked at all seam ends for strength
  • Strengthened internally at shoulder stress points
  • Back neck crescent
  • Please allow between 5-10% shrinkage in length and negligible in width of the garment.
We nicknamed our M-20 Hooded sweatshirt the 'Shirley Crabtree.' Why? For those not old enough, Shirley Crabtree was the real name of 70's British Wrestler, Big Daddy.  He was known for his enormous size, 6'4" and 300 pounds, and his colorful personality. He was also a master of theatrics, and his matches were often over-the-top and entertaining.
With our heaviest, loop back jersey sweatshirts and hoodies we needed a suitable moniker to mark them apart. Shirley Crabtree stuck, the M-20 and M-21 are truly the Big Daddies of all premium sweatshirts.