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Words by our friends at Flatspot on our recent Dead Stock Surf T-Shirt project...
A collection of surf-wear inspired tees reminiscent of those pioneered by the likes of much-loved Stüssy, Doris Moore and Duke Boyd’s Hang Ten and non-conformist streetwear brand Fresh Jive, here at Flatspot we’ve linked up with revolutionary ‘garment technologists’ Good Measure to celebrate a limited run of dead-stock designs that are sure to add a touch of West Coast character to any AW20 set-up.

Inspired by trending earthy-toned colour palettes and by an admirable ode to nostalgic sportswear attire, this exclusive collection of dead-stock M-4 tees strikes the perfect balance between urban desire and contemporary street-specific purpose. Made from re-salvaged printed fabric, knitted and manufactured exclusively in the UK, that complements the profile’s vintage-minded vibe, Good Measure honours early-day ‘streetwear’ attire in its rawest form. Wavy-style referential stripes pay homage to yesteryear surf culture, whilst the brand’s innovative use of home-perfected methodologies hones in on the crew’s endless ability to honour its ‘built in Briton and built to last’ ethos.

With a little help from Flatspot friends and Totnes-based jazz and hip-hop trio Dal, who have created a selective Spotify playlist to complement the release, we’ve managed to commemorate the notions of authentic expression, celebrated craftsmanship and music subculture through one very unique release. Blending ‘jazz with broken hip-hop patterns’, Dal is a band that represents a shift in musical vision and actively finds itself as the perfect fit for such a release, whilst their localised fruition ties neatly with Good Measure’s ode to homegrown talent and both parties appreciation that ‘simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’.