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Having such a strong connection to classic American sweatshirts we thought it would be a good idea to show how we, and seemingly the whole of the world came to this point where hoodies and crew necks became a staple to anyone's wardrobe.

Now we're not going to lie to you and say that in 1987 we were posted on street corners of Manchester with a boombox, blasting 'Paid in Full' and drinking cognac from a brown paper bag, but the ingenuity of mixing records and scratching vinyl led not just to Hip Hop, but to all of our favourite genres of music, Acid House, Garage and Jungle. That’s why we feel its right to pay homage to our fore fathers and mothers of one of the golden eras of music.

Al Pereira with the Wu Tang Clan on Staten Island, 1993.

The grey hoodie is a statement piece, heightened by Rocky in 1976 it became a symbol of rebellion and empowerment which are themes found throughout Hip Hop.

Martyn Goodacre Photography of Method Man , GZA & U-God.

Our M-20 and M-21 Sweats are big notes to the fashion that surrounded hip hop. Oversized, comfy sportswear was just one of the looks that were prevalent back in the day. We like to think our core pieces give a nod to the old school, loose (ish) gear of that era.

Being made from 100% heavyweight loopback cotton, a feature that you would find in typical American vintage crewnecks, we felt it was fitting to use them in a modern take hip-hop shoot.